This Virtual Summit will provide you with the Hope You Need

during this time of crisis.

In times of crisis women turn to their mums, family, friends and experts.  They are seeking the information that they need to not only survive but to thrive at this time.  But most of all they are seeking the hope that they need to provide strength to take care of their own families and themselves at this time.

So we assembled a team of  14 different speakers on 18 different topics, who will provide you with that hope during this time of crisis.

The topics they cover include Home Schooling, Mentoring, Soul Care, Peace, Domestic Violence, Cooking, Exercise, Mental Health, Communication, Vision, Linked-in, Grief, Loneliness and resetting your mindset.

You will be challenged, equipped, inspired and uplifted as you work through the various topics.

Plus when you purchase the course $10 from every sale goes towards Dare Domestic Violence support and The Aquila Fund - training women in how to establish their own business and begin the journey to financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

Not only will you receive hope. You will be equiped with key resources to provide that hope to others. Plus as a bonus helping some of the most vulnerable at this time.

Don't delay.  Hope is available for you now.

These women's insights are very insightful.  They are not "big names" but are women who have hope in their specific area of expertise and have a heart and passion to share that hope with you.

There is nothing to lose.  We have a guarantee for you.  That if "Women Providing Hope" does not provide you with hope in this current environment, we will gladly refund your investment no questions asked!

Hear are the incredible women who will provide you with hope

Myrna Widlend

Myrna is not your average Vision Board Coach. She has a unique process of connecting dots and finding out what you desire in an encouraging way. She uses a personalised approach in an emotionally safe way to help you unlock your hidden vision in the areas of: Spiritual and Physical Health, Mind set or Personal Development, Financial, Family, Social and Career. With the lack of certainty at the moment, it is more important than ever to have a clear vision and focus to not only survive but to thrive during this time. Myrna will be sharing on “Clarity and Strength!!! Vision Boards as a Solution Tool to equip you for 2020” at 4pm and “The Power of Vision Boards in your Health Journey” at 6pm Please connect with Myrna at Book a Free 20 minute Discovery Call on +61 419 021 525 or

Nicole Epp

Scott and Nicole Epp are the co-founders of Breakthrough Corporate Training,Abundance Coaching and Coachemy Academy. As the Australia Senior LifeLanguages™ Communication Coaches Scott and Nicole excel at revealing the 7 LifeLanguages™ with an in-depth understanding of this exceptional communication tool. They have grown in their knowledge of Life Languages™ since 2007. Scott is an award winning speaker and he has over 10,000 hours of professional one-on-one coaching experience. Combined, Scott and Nicole have led corporate workshops for leaders and teams around the world and they bring insight, warmth, passion and transformation to people as they understand who they are and how they can effectively communicate. “Communication is the key ingredient to an enriching and fulfilling life” – Scott and Nicole Epp

Carol Prater

Carol’s life is best described as marked in love. She is a passionate woman of faith, who adores her husband and kids and is a good cook, a lover of people, travel, books and food especially chocolate. (Not necessarily in that order). She grew up on a dairy farm in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and acknowledges the perfect training ground that was for her career in the corporate world for over 20 years and now serving alongside her husband Matt as Senior Pastors of New Hope Church Brisbane. As part of New Hope Church they run a charity New Hope Care. The mission of New Hope Care is 'Giving hope and a future'. Their aim is to meet the needs of those in Brisbane who require relief from poverty, addiction and grief, distress, loneliness and mental health challenges. New Hope Care is committed and passionate about helping people re-establish themselves with a focused strategy to overcome their circumstances. Carol is passionate about seeing people reaching their full potential in every area of their lives. She believes at this uncertain time in history, we have an opportunity like never before to think, create and start new ventures in the Kingdom, in creative arts, in literature, education, manufacturing and beyond.

Lisa Hurley

Just a mum cheering on other mum’s and women to be all that they were born to be. As a mum to two little boys, business owner, and Director for a not-for-profit, Lisa understands the pressures that many women face today, especially when you add social media’s ‘highlight reel’ lives to the mix. Lisa is passionate about empowering women to set their own priorities and expectations and not strive to live up to others. To find the joy in embracing balance over perfection, calm amongst the chaos and the confidence in knowing they are more than enough.

Paola Kalaf

Paola Kalaf after 12 years as Entrepreneur of Fashion Business in her home country Brazil, embraced her new life in Australia with her family of three children and husband in late 2009. As a graduate of Physical Education, Paola worked as a Gymnastics teacher developing confidence, resilience, unleashing the passion for physical activity and dance in hundreds of children for 8 years in New Farm State School. Her calling was also to inspire adults to develop a great relationship with exercises through fun unique zumBrazilian style. As a qualified Fitness Professional registered by Fitness Australia and joyful countenance, Paola launched MBM4Life in 2018, coaching the empowering MBM (Maximizing your Body and Mind ) program making a difference in many people’s lives through the 4 Pillars. Her continued success built upon Faith, the power of Hope and her Love for Humanity.

Bek Daley

Bek is very happily married and the mum of 2 daughters. Within a year of leaving school Bek was running her first business. With no formal training, the experience she gained starting and building several different enterprises, more importantly, God’s gifting, has prepared her to bring her most recent endeavour to the market. She now runs a domestic catering company, with a team of 70 cooks around Australia. The majority of these cooks are mums with school age kids and toddlers, who go into the homes of both the general public and disabled customers, unable to cook for themselves. Her team also teaches people with disabilities the skills to cook for themselves so they can gain independence and eventually move out on their own. Bek really feels that her business is not only a blessing to the people they are working with, but also to the cooks on her team, who have a passion to serve but still want to collect their children from school. She feels blessed to be able to provide this essential service while so many in the food industry have struggled to keep their businesses afloat. She’s proud of her ability to take every challenge that has arisen and turned it into an opportunity, the current situation being no exception.

Jackie Le Roux

Jackie Le Roux is the Founder of Empower Opportunity. With a tumultuous childhood with divorced parents, abandonment issues, an alcoholic home with domestic violence, a country in civil war and family business bankruptcy and losing everything, emigrating overnight to another country with just 2 suitcases each, having a baby at 17, then at 25 losing her mother to cancer, Jackie could have easily been just another statistic whose life was stuck and going nowhere. . It was only with the mentoring investment of accomplished leaders who helped her to transform self-sabotaging patterns and lack of self-belief into a successful executive sales director and business woman earning numerous national awards in sales and recruiting, leading a team of 135 people and serving over 10,000 customers over 16 years, that she discovered her life purpose and aspirations. Jackie wanted to her knowledge and skills to help teach other people overcome their fears and adversity to achieve their dreams and goals, to earn a living doing what they loved, be that changing their vocational career or starting a new enterprise or business. Then through upskilling and gaining accredited qualifications as a vocational trainer and assessor, business and frontline management, as well as a DISC advanced behavioural facilitator, Jackie has developed a practical program “Empower People” with 3 stages, Vision, Power, Impact to help people unlock their full potential and become the hero in their own story. Best described as a funny, passionate, authentic storyteller, teacher, business mentor, pioneer, problem solver and strategic futurist, Jackie has a mission to help empower over 1 million people by 2030 to reach their life purpose and make a positive impact in the world. She is married to Tony with 3 amazing adult children and 3 gorgeous grandies. Book in your free 15 minute Empower Consultation today, with no obligation. M: 0402 444 656 E:

Julie Mason

Julie Mason is regarded as one of the top 25 LinkedIn Experts worldwide by her peers, has been featured on the cover of Social Media Success Magazine Australia and is the LinkedIn Tutor for the University Of Sydney and (one of the largest job websites in the world). Julie is an in-demand speaker and founder and creator of Linked Sales Formula - one of the most comprehensive and supportive LinkedIn training programs for businesses in the world today.

Ianthe Gibson

Introducing Ianthe (pronounced I-an-thee) is a wife, a mum, a small business owner, a Chartered Accountant and a migrant. She moved to Australia with her family 31 years ago from a South Africa in the grips of apartheid as her parents didn’t see a future for her and her sister there. Ianthe, along with her business partner, established Gibson Clark Accountants in 2012 after having worked for an inner city firm in Brisbane for 11 years. Gibson Clark started with just the two of them, with no clients and has now grown to 8 staff; including 3 accountants. The journey has had its bumps and curveballs along the way- but we have persevered and she if proud of the team she works with today. Her clients are mainly small business clients and she enjoys walking the small business journey along with them. Ianthe has an incredibly supportive who was a stay home dad whilst her business was being established and who is now also a small business owner. She is a mum to Lucy (11) and Isaac (9) and is feeling a little stressed as how to navigate the work from home and home schooling scenarios once Term 2 begins. Ianthe enjoys running and completed her first Gold Coast Marathon in 2017. She also enjoys cooking, baking and travelling. She is actively involved with the Redlands Presbyterian Church.

Kylie-Maree Jarrett

Hi my name is Kylie-Maree Jarrett. I am a business owner, mum of 4 amazing kids and I have been homeschooling for the past 7 years. I have a passion for helping people see that there is a path forward even though the obstacles in front of them may seem insurmountable. This is a place many parents have found themselves placed in with the online schooling scenario. I am here to help, with tips and ideas and a calm path through the craziness. Connect with Kylie-Maree at:

Jayme Hull

Jayme is passionate about connecting women across the generations through Mentoring and Spiritual Direction Coaching. She is a speaker, host of her own Podcast and author. Her lifelong purpose is to encourage her family and women of all generations. She loves to help women find their potential in Christ and become the leaders of hope they were created to be. Jayme and her husband live in the Nashville, TN area and have 3 Adult Married Children and 5 adorable grandkids. She is a follower of Jesus, wife, Mom, Gammy and loves to sit with a cup of coffee and hear women share their God stories. Connect with and on Facebook @JaymeHullFaceToFaceMentoring Check out her website:

Mardee Kaylock

Mardee is an observer, listener, writer and lover of life. The youngest in her family she grew up amid conversations of life, death, God, football, prison and the rhythms of Warrandyte river in Melbourne. From 1996-2017 she served as the Executive Director of the Christian Artists Factory in Australia. She also held governance positions with The Sounds Of The Nations (Oceania), and the Beyond Justice Festival (NSW). With over 35 years experience in the Australian theatre sector she has performed, directed and produced both locally and overseas earning respect as an award winning theatre practitioner. As a teacher, counsellor, and spiritual director she has worked in local government, state education and the community service sectors. Mardee is currently working as the Executive Director of The Threshold Collective (Victoria), and as a Spiritual Director in her own practice MK Directions. She holds qualifications in Education, Counselling and Spiritual Direction. She serves as the Chairperson for the board of Unity College Australia, and attends Yarra Valley Vineyard church, serving on the eldership team, and serves on the formation team of Vineyard College Australia. She laughs often, loves her family and is regularly likened to the Vicar of Dibley.

Trish Jenkins

The strongest prison bars are in your head - and Jesus is your jail-breaker! Trish Jenkins shares keys that unlock resilient faith, peace and joy in any circumstance. Trish should know. In 2009, she spent 8 months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. Since then, Trish has travelled the world ministering from her experience with Jesus in jail and on how the Lord brings Romans 8:28 to fruition in our lives. She also ministers to the secular business world as a motivational speaker. Trish and her husband Justin have raised three God-loving daughters; and are currently based at Upper Caboolture, just north of Brisbane, Australia. See Trish in action at

Karen Johns

Karen is a wife, mother and grandmother to many. Karen, a Teacher & Minister is the CEO and Founder of DARE Formal Wear Ltd located in North Brisbane. DARE short for Domestic Abuse Recovery and Education is a community driven Not for profit helping families affected by domestic family violence. Karen trains the general community and local churches on how to practically help others in need. Karen is launching DARES training program PRACTICAL STEPS - responding to families in crisis. She believes if we want to help families in crisis we need to have a basic but thorough understanding about how to respond appropriately, ensuring we give safe information and guidance.

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • 4 Inspired Women

    Hear the incredible stories of four women who started their business when they were over 50. They will encourage you, inspire you and move your forward to set something new. From Elaine who took everything she knew in hat making and made online classes when she was over 70. Cathryn who helps women achieve their desired fertility outcome. Myrna who uses vision to unlock people and

  • 2 Chairs

    A key at this time is hearing God's voice to help you know what to do and when to do it. During this interview with Bob Beaudine you will hear the answer to three disruptive questions: Does God know your situation? Is it too hard for him to handle? Does he have a good plan for you?

  • Repurpose Everyday Moments

    From all the events Business Blessings has hosted, this has been the most watched replay. Erin Smalley gives some fantastic advice on how to repurpose every day moments to strengthen your relationships. She is hilarious and extremely practical. What Erin shares you will be able to take and apply straight away.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Women Providing Hope in a Time of Crisis

    • Kylie-Maree Jarett - Homeschooling You've Got This

    • Jayme Hull – Discover the Power of a Mentoring Relationship in a Crisis

    • Mardee Kaylock - Soul Care: Leaning into our Vulnerability with Strength and Kindness

    • Trish Jenkins: Empowered Peace

    • Karen Johns: How to Help Practically

    • Bek Daley: Cooking Good Food on a Budget

    • Paola Kalaf: Leading Strong From Home

    • Lisa Hurley: Balance Over Perfection

    • Carol Prater: I am Brave, I am Bold, I am Enough Exactly as I Am

    • Nicole Epp: Women Communicating Strong in a Time of Crisis

    • Myrna Widlend: Clarity & Strength!!! Vision Boards as a Solution Tool to Equip you for 2020

    • Ianthe Gibson: Managing Your Finances in a Time of Crisis

    • Myrna Widlend: The Power of Vision Boards in Your Health Journey

    • Julie Mason: Position Yourself for Success on Linkedin

    • Jackie Le Roux: Future Proof Your Career

    • Mardee Kaylock: How do we grieve well and care for those around us?

    • Jayme Hull: Fighting and Winning the Battle of Loneliness

    • Jackie Le Roux: Reset Your Mindset - From little things, big things grow!

  • 2


    • Erin Smalley: Repurpose Everyday Moments

    • Bob Beaudine: 2 Chairs

    • 4 Inspired Women: Four Women over 50 share their story of starting a business later in life

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