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With a high emphasis today in the media on young entrepreneurs and their success.  One would think that the most successful entrepreneurs are young. However, you would be wrong.

Research now shows that successful entrepreneurs tend to be middle-aged, not young. In fact, the research also tells us that businesses started by "older" (I know you don't like that word) entrepreneurs are some of the most successful.

A key success factor is the critical role that your work experience plays.  You have that experience - time to turn it into cash!

Perhaps one of the world's most famous and successful female entrepreneurs was Mary Kay. In her book "Miracles Happen" she talks about the four kinds of people:

1. Those who make things happen.

2. Those who watch things happen.

3. Those who wonder what happened.

4. Those who don't know anything happened!

Mary Kay always wanted to be the first one on that list.  I sense you are that person as well, hence why you clicked on the ad that brought you to this page.

You are a person who is set apart because of your personality, your objectives and abilities.  You have:

- enthusiasm with purpose

- discipline

- willingness (to work, to serve, and to learn)

- determination; and

- appreciation of others.

You have this idea that has been bubbling away on the inside of you for many years.

In fact, you may well just be like Mary Kay herself. You see, when she retired after twenty-five years of building a career in the business world dominated by men, she had no thoughts of organising her own company.

However, what she did have was some general opinions regarding the structure and operation of a successful business. Plus some specific opinions about how women might overcome the obstacles she had encountered.  

She started writing a list of all the good things that she had observed in her professional life and how she felt a business should be conducted in accordance with the golden rule. "If an employer would treat employees and customers as they wished to be treated - all would profit." Mary said. 

As her list grew, she began to dream of a company in which women had the opportunity to fully utilise their skills and talents. They could, in fact, enjoy the rewards appropriate for any goal they were smart enough to reach.

"Wouldn't it be marvellous!" Mary kept thinking, "if someone would actually start such a company? I'd love to work for a business like this."  

Suddenly she realised that she didn't have to just sit and wish - she could start that dream company herself.

And that's exactly what she did, eventually her company hired over 2 million sales people!

You are here because you are just like Mary. 

You've got out a pen and paper and written down what you sense your ideal company would look like.  

You may not have all the pieces of the puzzle together yet, but the vision is there, the framework is there, you just need the inspiration and the tools.

The interview that you are about to purchase will give you the inspiration.

Four women, Myrna, Elaine, Cathryn & Glenis.  All with their own story to tell of years of working for others, supporting and encouraging others, but at a certain point they realised it's time to step out on their own.

Not only will their story inspire you, so you can run with your own, what they have to share will provide you with key short-cuts to success.  You will learn from their failures, and they are honest about them, but also what worked.

Plus at the end you will have access to a key template that over 2,900 starters - just like you - have used that provided them with a foundation for a success business.

This is more than just listening to another presentation, it is the start of being a part of a community of other women on the same journey as you.

The journey to fulfilment of long held dreams.  

The desire to start something from scratch.  

To give back to your community.  

To build a legacy that will provide for your children, grand-children and great-grandchildren in a way that deep down in your heart, like only a women can know, will work!

Become part of the community today!

It's so easy, just start.

Be Inspired & Challenged to Action as you listen to:

Glenis Wilkerson

Glenis was a sales rep with a budget of $1.5 million. Then came the separation of her relationship and marriage of 35 years, depression, anxiety and the sudden death of her son. She was unable to work but attended an outdoor yoga class and an internal voice said "You Can do this". She then began training as a yoga teacher and offering Yoga classes for a gold coin donation. From this hobby she has further trained as a Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher and has taken this hobby into a thriving business.

Cathryn Marshall

Cathryn is the Managing Director of Magnolia Fertility Care. She has dedicated much of her 30 years in healthcare to women and family health and has recently qualified as a Certified Creighton Model practitioner, she has assisted hundreds of women and couples in achieving their ideals. She has four children of her own but experienced both infertility and miscarriage so holds a special empathy for this arena she is working in.

Elaine Mergard

As a milliner, Elaine has taught many students how to make hats and has made hats for high profile Australian's. Her mission is to create the next generation of Milliners by teaching techniques enabling each one to develop their unique creativity. To do this Elaine has created where she teaches people from around the world how to make hats! Her story will inspire you.

Myrna Widlend

Myrna is not your average Vision Board Coach. She has a unique process of connecting dots and finding out what you desire in an encouraging way. She uses a personalised approach in an emotionally safe way to help you unlock your hidden vision in the areas of: Spiritual and Physical Health, Mind set or Personal Development, Financial, Family, Social and Career. With the lack of certainty at the moment, it is more important than ever to have a clear vision and focus to not only survive but to thrive during this time. Myrna will be sharing on “Clarity and Strength!!! Vision Boards as a Solution Tool to equip you for 2020” at 4pm and “The Power of Vision Boards in your Health Journey” at 6pm Please connect with Myrna at Book a Free 20 minute Discovery Call on +61 419 021 525 or

Your Host

Wes Leake

A little about me… High experienced small business mentor and coach Background as an Accountant and have worked in many businesses and not-for-profits I have run very specialised small business and coaching programs for people who are homeless, ex-offenders and people from many cultures. I lecture in Torrens University’s Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Program I run business events and facilitate a range of business programs. I am a facilitator and Chief Excitement Officer for CO.STARTERS I'm married to Pam for over 25 years and have four children.

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    4 Inspired Women Tell their Story as to how they started a business when over 50

    • 4 Inspired Women Tell Their Story

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